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The Bentley Blizzard

The Bentley Blizzard is both a mystery and legend that has always lurked in the minds of Bentley fanatics and the connoisseurs of fine motor vehicles. That exact curiosity and desire is what started this journey to build The Supreme Fifteen.

In 1950 Ivan Evernden (at the time Chief Projects Engineer) released a brochure describing an experimental project known as The Blizzard.

Ivan depicted a two-seater open sports car, lighter and much smaller in size than other Bentley vehicles of this period. It is thought that along with John Blatchly, Ivan guided Cecily Jenner to draw the one and only image of the beauty that was never produced.

"The Original Painting of The Bentley Blizzard"

The beautiful image drawn by Cecily Jenner, guided by the design team at Crewe

"The original painting and drawing of The Bentley Blizzard"

Ivan described a car similar in size to that of Jaguar's XK120, built on a chassis with similarities to the Bentley MKVIII. To compete with the weight of the Jaguar and match top speeds, Ivan talked of using lightened components and a slick, streamlined body shape as drawn by Cecily. 

With the strong competition leading the way in small sports cars, Ivan and the rest of the factory decided it best to stick to their renowned luxury saloons, with them soon moving on to build the infamous Continental. That being said, the image of The Blizzard lived on, and so did the desire to build Ivan's dream.

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